Boot Camps:

Winter Sports Camp:

This will run every September - November to prepare the outdoor athlete for long days outside in the backcountry or even to hit the slopes. Increasing pelvic-hip stability and overall strength to decrease the risk of injury in your winter sports. My philosophy is to get in shape to run, ski, or board versus using them to get into shape. By prepping your muscles and body for the unknown of outdoor activities allows you to enjoy your winter sports with more confidence, ease, and reduce you risk of injury. 

In between seasons there will be a "maintenance" program to help you retain any gains made during your camps. Strength gains can be lost as quickly as two weeks. Stay on top of your game and help prevent injuries with consistency.

Training Options:

January Boot CAMPS!


Monday & Wednesdays 7:00 am-7:55 am

Tuesday & Thursdays 6:00 am -6:55am

Tuesday & Thursday 5:15 PM - 6:00PM

Cost: $320


Runner's Program: COMING IN MARCH 2018! 

This camp is run every spring to prepare the running athlete to get back on the road or trail after the long Vermont winters. Spending the winter in ski boots, snow boots, or really just any boot decrease ankle and foot stability and strength.


This camp focuses on core and lower extremity power, balance, and dynamic stability to best prepare you for your summer outside and increase your running economy. Also, to decrease the risk of overuse and chronic running injuries. 

Running CAMP will run:

Tuesday/Thursdays 5:15-6:00 PM Starting in March and running through April!


This camp is ideal for the Burlington City Marathoner. Work on strength, stability, core control, balance, and improve your recovery time by getting in shape to run. Using running to improve runnings is great, but preparing your ankles, knees and hips for impact and repetition is even better while strengthening your muscles for a quicker recovery &  increased stamina on longer runs.