What is Pre-Hab?

Pre-Hab encompasses preventative injury training which includes,  KT taping, stretching, myofascial therapies, and a rehab based exercise program designed around core stability and functional movement patterns to form a proper foundation on which to build upon. 

- Postural restoration

- Improve core stability

- Improve single leg alignment/stability and balance

- Improved imbalance of upper or lower extremities 

- work ergonomics to improve posture

- Improve functional lifts (squat, lunge, deadlift, push up, etc)

Evidence Based Programs

Sportsmetrics ACL Prevention Program

Sportsmetrics ACL Prevention Program is the first & largest scientifically proven ACL prevention program in the country. Great for the  high school or collegiate pre-season athlete or anyone looking to improve single leg stability, balance, and overall quality of movement. 

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

FMS is a screening tool used to identify asymmetries or limitations. It uses seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to quality functional movements. Ideal for individuals currently not in pain, but looking to gain a baseline screen to build their training program upon.

Schedule a Private Training Session to get your screen today! 

Single Session: $75.00 

5 Pack: $350

10 Pack: $650